Thursday, August 19, 2010

some packing considerations

Since I’m leaving Ocala tomorrow, I guess it’s appropriate that I start packing tonight. Better late, than never, right? As I find myself examining clothing and musing, “this material might be hard to handwash” (yes, I will have to handwash all of my clothes), the ever-present question in the back of my mind has been…How does one pack for a year?

The obvious answer is “I don’t know.” One look at the chaos in my living room could easily tell you that. Strewn about everywhere are my clothes, walmart bags full of miscellaneous necessities, my backpacker’s backpack, Janey’s Chacos (for my fellow Floridians, a rugged sandal that is popular in mountainous areas, like North Carolina) that I’m conveniently stealing from her, and more. But when it comes down to it, it’s all just “things”.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about myself in the past few weeks, it’s that I really dislike “things.” I suppose I should backtrack a bit to fill some of you in…On August 6th, I moved out of my college apartment in Tallahassee. This was sad, in many ways, as I am lucky enough to be able to count my roommates among my best friends; saying goodbye to our life and memories in University Village, apartment 207, was more difficult than I can really describe.

The surprisingly easy part, though, was packing. Or, in the interests of being specific—it was easy once I decided I didn’t really want anything I had. As I struggled to pack things—purses, shoes, decorations, nick nacks, you name it—all of the clutter with which we are accustomed to filling our lives—I realized I didn’t want any of it. Which resulted in me donating most of my earthly possessions to Goodwill. Many things—furniture, kitchenware, etc—I was happily able to give to my roommate, Levity, who, having just moved into a house, will actually use most of it. And hopefully think about her roomie when she does :)

I moved home to Ocala with nothing more to show for the past 4 years than my 2 diplomas, a bunch of clothes, books (none of which I could bring myself to give away), my dog, and miscellaneous items of sentimental value.

It was freeing, really, giving away all the aforementioned items that didn’t make the Ocala cut, especially knowing that someone else might have a greater need for them than I do. And most of all, it reaffirmed for me that the most important things in life aren’t things at all.

For now, back to packing I go. I’ll leave you with a bit of advice that doesn't exactly apply to me but is given to India YAVs on the generic suggested packing list. “For men, if you’re a boxers man, bring a year’s supply. If you’re a briefs man, bring a year’s supply. If you’re a brightly colored bikini-briefs guy, welcome to underwear heaven.”


  1. I'm glad that Kiba made the Ocala cut :) Otherwise, I would have had to steal him away! Safe travels, roomie! <3

  2. I cant believe you are leaving already! Im going to try my hardest to make it out your way! Even if its for one flippin day! :) I cant wait to skype you from India! Be safe and don't talk to strangers! STRANGER DANGER! I have taken the time to compile a list of phrases I think you should learn by heart just in case you run into "one of those times".

    "Im lost" - Hum kho gaye hain

    "What's That Called In Hindi?" - Issey Hindi mein kyaa kahtey hain?

    "I need food" - Maiṁ khānā cāhi'ē

    "you are hot" - Āpa garma kara rahē haiṁ

    "do you have a band aide?" - Tuma ēka baiṇḍa sahāyaka hai?

    "is he dead?" - Vaha mara cukā hai?

    "where is the nearest mcdonalds?" - Jahāṁ nikaṭatama mcdonalds hai?

    and most importantly,

    "what exactly am I eating" - Kyā vāstava mēṁ maiṁ khānā khā rahā hūm̐?

    I think if you learn these phrases you will make it the first few months no problem. But you will have to take care of yourself after that because I can only do so much!



  3. :-) I want to, without a doubt, see pictures of these underwear that provide "heaven" for guys. Haha. I think it's comforting to see that on the list because it obviously shows the kind of people you'll be working with. Looks like you'll have some levity in your life even when I'm not with you! ;-)

    I am VERY grateful for all you gave me (and so is Josh!) and it makes such a difference, Madison. We've been cooking basically every night, thanks to my roomie! I forgot to tell you that we made a shelf for the kitchen to put all the pots and pans on! We got some wood from Home Depot, stained it darker (which, of course, I loved doing) and then affixed it to the wall. Then we bought some blue paint and painted all the cabinets and around the window in the kitchen. It looks a million times better. More homey - kind of like Nantucket-y. Speaking of the dishes you gave me, I need to do some! Haha.

    I love the phrases Katie gave you! How much of the language do you think you'll learn while you're there? And what language are you even learning?!? Aren't there lots of different ones? I'm sure you'll catch on quick no matter what! You've always been thpecial like that. ;-)

    Love you and miss you, roomie rimh!

    p.s. I think you have an affinity for stealing things from Janey. :-)

  4. OH! I forgot to tell you that I noticed your dandelion on here! :-) Isn't that a funny name? RAWR like a big scary lion and how it looks spiky, but then, SURPRISE! It turns out to be just a dandy little thing, all soft and fragile.

    HAHA! I just saw a commercial about a new tv show called, Outsourced, and it's about a call center...IN INDIA! I saw something else earlier about India, too, but can't remember what it was. :-/ Good signs, indeed!